12 Astonishing and Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations


Next to extravagant wedding ceremonies, a great honeymoon destination is the second most important aspect of binding two hearts together, forever. The first days, or weeks, therefore, are crucial to the overall well-being of the marriage. Like the saying goes, no marriage is made in heaven. But maybe, just maybe… …they’ll be made tough, and will stay together for eternity by spending quality time in an unexpected, yet, astonishing honeymoon destination.

Speaking of romantic havens, any one of the twelve below can set you off to a strong start.

1. Vumbura Plains, Botswana

Vumpura Plains, Botswana

Photo Credit: Epic Road

Botswana sunset

Photo Credit: wbirt1 via Flickr

Is your idea of a perfect romantic setting a sun-rich-tropical haven or an exhilarating adventure? Is it old-world safari tents, stylish modern vineyards, being surrounded by ocean or dunes, eating top gourmet meals, or fishing for your own meal? Well, Africa can make the rain fall. Vumbura Plains, Botswana is the top spot for real-to-the-bone romance.

2. Tresco Island

Tresco Abbey Gardens, Scilly Isles, UK | A superb Sub-Tropical G

Photo Credit: Amy Laughinghouse

Tresco Abbey Gardens, Scilly Isles, UK | A superb Sub-Tropical G

Photo Credit: ukgardenphotos

In Scillya, Tresco is a group of Islands well-known for its beautiful white sand beaches and blue waters. Located 28 miles from the southwestern coast of England, this magical place is renowned for its tranquil gardens.

3. Dracula’s Castle in Romania
Dracula's castle_40

Bran castle_30

Photo Credit for both photos:

Bran Castle is the official name of this castle which is most likely the place where the novelist Bram Stoker based his famous mythical creature, Dracula. If both you and your spouse are not especially fond of the Twilight Saga, yet vampires intrigue you, pack your bags and fly to Transylvania. Want more info? Look here.


4. The Philippines

Via Shutterstock
secluded beach

Via Shutterstock

If you have not seen peace in the face, spend your honeymoon in The Philippines and you’ll see more tranquil scenes like this. Here are more exciting reasons to choose The Philippines.

5. Iceland Hot Springs Tour

Iceland hot springs tours

Photo Credit:

Iceland hot springs tours_20

Photo Credit: Chris 73 /

While you have the prerogative to join specific tours, you can opt to rent a vehicle and go on your own. This way you have the flexibility of being anywhere, at any time, minus the pressure of going along with a group of tourists. Consider it as one of your first challenges as a married couple.

6. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island


Photo Credit: Hilton Worldwide /

Underwater Restaurant

Photo Credit: Hilton Worldwide /

Imagine you and your loved one are lying on a serene beach, drinking your favorite drink, and just enjoying each others’ company. Then, to end the day, you can dine in a restaurant under the sea. (This one is in the Indian Ocean to be exact.) The Maldive Islands are an awesome place to behold the world’s beauty and to spend the first days of your marriage.

7. Silversea’s Silver Shadow Cruise in Alaska

Alaska Cruise

Flickr: sleenen

Alaska Cruise_2

Photo Credit: Flickr: j-and-p / Creative Commons

Out of the many Alaskan cruises you can choose from, the Silver Shadow is the most popular among honeymooners. While on the cruise, you can admire an endless row of snowcapped mountains. After which, you can snuggle up with your sweetie in one of the private romantic suites. If your lady love needs to fix her hair, tell her not to worry, she can go to an in-house beauty salon. More info about the Silver Shadow here.


8. Indonesia’s Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko 


Photo Crdit: Ratu Boko,


photo Credit:

Prambanan Temple

Photo Credit: Mikaku/Prambanan Temple –

If, you love visiting ancient ruins, check out Prambanan, Borobudur and Ratu Boko. You can find these mysterious temples in Indonesia. Be amazed with the intricate architecture of these structures from the old civilization. Want more info? Link here.

9. Elqui Domos Hotel in Chile




Photo Credit for all Elqui Domos Hotel images: James Florio

This unusual honeymoon destination boasts seven timber cabins and PVC tent geodesic domes. The Dome Rooms are equipped with beds on the top most levels. This allow visitors to stare at the enormous sky adorned with the brightest stars. Learn more about the Elqui Domos here.

To appreciate the hotel, more, check James Florio’s work below :

LosDomos TimeLapse from Boppin Productions on Vimeo.

10. Heart shape Islands of the world

Tavarua Island Fiji

Tavarua Island, Fiji / Photo Credit:

Galesnjak island_Croatia

Galesnjak Island in croatia / Photo

Make peace island of australia

Make Peace Island, Australia / Photo Credit: Makepeace Island /!prettyPhoto

There is something really romantic about heart shaped Islands. (Like you need telling!) I’m sure the love of your life will be thrilled just being on one of these Islands. But don’t forget, you should be present to complete the honeymoon.

11. China’s Happy Magic Water Cube

China's happy magic water cube

WhiteWater /

China grid-cell-30165-1385404728-0

WhiteWater /

Back In 2011, the Summer Olympics aquatic space was turned into an spectacular indoor water park. Your childhood dreams can finally come true, but with a romantic twist. This park in Beijing is a top tourist destination in China—next only to the Great Wall. You can get more info here.


12. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy / Campania


Photo Credit for the 2 photos: National Geographic

Food lovingly made by family-run food houses in this quaint town is just a small portion of the Amalfi Coast’s irresistible charm. This beautiful shoreline village can capture anyone’s heart with its spectacular views. Not to forget, its cute little shops can be a great place to spend lazy afternoons with your S.O..

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Featured photo credit: Prambanan Temple/Mikakuvia

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