11 Simple Food Storage Hacks To Make Your Lunch Easier


Did you know that bringing your lunch to work every day can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year? Unfortunately, part of the reason many people don’t want to bring their lunch to work is because even something yummy that was packed up at home often ends up being a nasty mess by the time lunch rolls around. But with these great food storage hacks, your next lunch can stay protected so it stays as fresh and delicious as it was when you left.

This cute infographic has a lot of great suggestions for lunchtime food storage hacks, all of which are pretty brilliant. The idea of keeping your apple sealed together is particularly wonderful since no one wants an icky brown apple. On the other hand, I’d suggest grabbing a traditional ice pack rather than using a frozen wet sponge in a bag.

food storage hacks

11 Food Storage Hacks for Your Next Lunch Break | WonderHowTo

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