10 Ways New Parents Change

10 Ways New Parents Change

Brett Kelly over at Cranking Widgets recently became a father [congratulations!] and wanted to share some changes he’s noticed in himself since having a child.

Anyone who’s expecting, such as my brother, can always use some light reading in regards to becoming a parent. Brett has a few that you may not have expected, and of course wouldn’t expect to be true for every parent in the world.

He also puts the call out to other bloggers out there who have children and who could share some insight. Leo and Scoble are two that come to mind. What do you have to contribute?

Sensitivity to Silence – This is something most people have heard of before, but it bears repeating. Anytime your kid(s) are awake and supposedly playing or something, a long period of silence might as well be a fire alarm in a movie theater. You’ll stop in the middle of flipping your fried egg and perk up your ears, listening for the kids. If you don’t hear them for 2-3 seconds, you’re suddenly tearing ass around the house/yard looking for them. Usually they turn up, thankfully, but silence can sometimes indicate bad stuff is afoot.

Also, while we’re encouraging posts on new-born life, the work/baby juggling act is something I’m intrigued by. Do these changes have any positive affect in your work life?

10 Ways You Will Change When You Become a Parent – [CrankingWidgets]

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