10 Things To Learn For Success

Of all the thousands of ‘tips for success’ posts and ‘things you must learn’ articles it can be difficult to distinguish the great from the mediocre. Sometimes they’re too specific and others much too general.

This 2006 article from Stephan Downes really hits down the middle, as is all the better for it. Recently revived at MasterNewMedia.org, you can read Stephen’s suggestions for 10 things to get a grasp of in your life to better your life.

Most people live in their own world, and for the most part, that’s OK. But it is important to at least recognize that there are other people, and that they live in their own world as well. This will save you from the error of assuming that everyone else is like you. And even more importantly, this will allow other people to become a surprising source of new knowledge and insight.

Things You Really Need To Learn – [HalfAnHour]

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