We humans are an ingenious lot. From time immemorial we have devised ways to make our lives simpler. It all started off with rubbing two stones to create fire & inventing the wheel. We have come a long way but our need to simplify doesn’t seem to stop.

In this post we bring you Lifehacks that will make the coming summers a little more fun, help you de-clutter and in general do stuff in a better way. These tips won’t pinch your pocket and don’t require you to be a DIY expert to get the results. Some of these are even fun and will impress folks around you, try the new way to cut a mango or eating your burger upside down. Sounds like fun? Watch the video by Grant Thompson.

What are some of the hacks you swear by? Share them with us in the comments. Hit share if you found this useful.

Featured photo credit: Eli Golosovsky | Flickr via goo.gl

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