Not every Kickstarter project can be the Oculus Rift. For every breakout success there are dozens of projects that languish in funding purgatory. However, sometimes you come across some Kickstarter campaigns that actually did pretty well considering the subject matter. In fact, some of these are probably the craziest projects out there (and peopled backed them).

Enter Zack “Danger” Brown. This guy set out to get funding so he could make potato salad. Pretty simple request, right? After all, he only asked for $10 in this less-than-ambitious campaign. Lucky for him he has skyrocketed past his goal and his Kickstarter project has gone viral. Having raised over $37,000 from 3,400+ backers, Zack is now offering some interesting rewards to his supporters. For example, based on your level of contribution, he’ll say your name out loud while making the potato salad, send you a photo of him actually making it, or ship you a bite of the finished project.

Other projects worth checking out include a giant inflatable sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head, pirate pancakes, and a flying bicycle. There’s more, so check them out!

10 Ridiculous Kickstarter Campaigns People Actually Supported | TechCrunch


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