10 Homemade Beauty Treatment Recipes


There’s nothing quite like a day at the spa, unfortunately, there’s nothing quite like the bill from a day at the spa either. That’s why it is so refreshing to see a list of beauty treatment recipes you can create at home. Finally you can treat yourself with masks, under-eye treatments, exfoliating creams, hair boosters and more thanks to this handy post from Womenio.

All of the ingredients for these beauty treatment recipes are things you probably have around home already, like eggs, honey, oranges and more. While some of the items are things you need on a daily basis, like moisturizer, others are certainly more spa-like and the recipes can save you a fortune compared to buying similar products at the store and treatments at the spa.

And, for those who are still intent on a spa day, you can now have your esthetician, beauticians and other spa employees focus on those things you can’t do for yourself, like bikini waxes, mud baths and long massages.

beauty treatment recipes

Original Source – Womenio

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