10 Great Hacks for Summertime


Summertime may be winding down, but we just entered the hottest and most intense summer month -August. If you’re still looking to cool down in the hot weather or enjoy a few more of the classic summer past times, this video has a few great tips.

While some of the tricks, like the eating cheeseburgers top bun down trick or the straw in the soda hack, are useful all year round, others, like the popsicle trick really are summertime specialties. And while some of those food party tricks are useful all year -summertime barbecues are a perfect opportunity to try them out.

I’ve actually been using the fruit fly trick for the last few days after a broken fridge left us with a massive infestation of tiny flies -it works and it couldn’t be simpler.


Original Source –Laughing Squid

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