If you’re from Earth, and I assume you are, you may have heard about this thing that’s going on at the moment over in Brazil; The World Cup. A lot of us know a little about this gigantic sporting event, because there is no actual way to avoid it even if you wanted to. Basically, The World Cup is a month long event that occurs every four years in which the world competes to see which country is the best at football, or soccer if you insist on calling it by the wrong name. But did you know that although there have been 19 World Cups before this year’s. only eight countries have ever won it?

Here are ten more facts that will make for interesting conversation next time there’s a break between yelling at the TV screen whilst you’re watching The World Cup:

The Epic Excitement of the World Cup | HooplaHa

Featured photo credit: The Epic Excitement of the World Cup | HooplaHa via youtube.com

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