10 Deliciously Sweet And Easy Apple Pie Recipes


Apple pie is one of my favourite desserts. Simple and unpretentious, it’s perfect on its own or even with a little cream or vanilla ice cream. However, just because this king of desserts doesn’t need to be changed doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to jazz it up once and while.

Check out some of these awesome apple pie variations.

1. Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Just when you didn’t think that apple pie could get any better, some genius added salted caramel. I’m going to track them down and marry them.

2. Apple Pie Cookies

Apple Pie Cookies

If you thought you had to choose between snacks and dessert, you were deliciously mistaken.

3.Apple Pie Ice Cream

With the weather heating up in the northern hemisphere, it may be too hot to turn your oven on. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on that tasty apple pie flavour. Also, if you’re a legend like me, you have your pie with ice cream anyway, so this way you’re just cutting out the middle man!

4. Apple Pie Granita

Speaking of summer time recipes, check out this amazing innovation! It’s like an apple pie slushie! I’d recommend taking it a step further by spiking it with a finger of whiskey, because, why not?

5. Apple Pie Parfait

To quote Donkey, “Parfait is delicious!”

6. Apple Pie Bread

Fans of banana bread are sure to enjoy this change of fruit. Plus, calling it bread sounds so much healthier than dessert.


7. Apple Pie Tacos

I actually nearly broke down and cried when I saw this recipe. Apple pie and tacos. Together at last.

8. Apple Pie Cupcakes

Another incredible dessert crossover. It’s like fan fiction, but without the inevitable creep factor.

9. Apple Pie Smoothie

Because desserts can be healthy too!

10. Classic Apple Pie

Well, we couldn’t well have a list of apple pie recipes without including one in its original splendour.

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