Photography is one of those rare skills that you must know in this gadget-centric world (doesn’t matters if you like it or not). A camera is one of those gadgets that everyone one this days. So it’s equally important to know every bit of camera. After all, who knows a shaky picture of your valentine might lead to heated argument between you two!

Taking this under consideration, DigitalRev TV have put together a series of awesome photography hacks that will instantly make you sound like professional photographer! The video also explores and finds out great alternatives to expensive photography gear and techniques, which are affordable and easy-to-follow.

The video scripts down many of the awesome ways; here are some highlights of the video:

1. Using a Tripod as a Camera Slider

2. Using a Kitchen Timer as an Auto-Planning Camera Mount

3. Store SD Cards in Your camera’s body cap

And, after all who doesn’t all all those professional features for free?

10 Photography Life Hacks You Need to Know | Youtube

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