Zoho Launches ZohoShow


Zoho is a web-based software group who make useful Web 2.0 applications that mimic traditional client-side applications like the stuff inside Microsoft Office. Zoho has been silently building up an empire over on their site for a while now, with four office tools and four productivity tools. Here’s what they’re touting for apps:

  • Zoho Writer – a word processor.
  • Zoho Sheet- your spreadsheet online.
  • Zoho Virtual Office – similar to MS Outlook.
  • Zoho Show – the new kid on the block. Like PowerPoint.
  • Zoho CRM – online customer relationship management software.
  • Zoho Creator – also new, a web design app.
  • Zoho Planner – why not? They can.
  • Zoho Chat – for water cooler moments.

Their apps all provide demo logon accounts for you to try them out before you bother signing up, and on the main page they show the pricing (most often FREE), and how many users before they want a little cash from you.

It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re a startup or a standalone professional, looking for free or inexpensive ways to build up tools to fill out your software needs.

Zoho (Main Site) — [via]

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