Zipster PDA, a HipsterPDA clone


Christian Eriksson integrated a great idea to index card/Hipster PDA system. He uses an old zip-disk case for storing his custom cards – best of all the custom card templates are downloadable! A 5-star idea! Templates include:

Zipster PDA - An Hipster PDA clone
  • Next Action, use one for each context
  • Inbox, important notes
  • Agenda, use one for each person
  • Brainstorm, 5mm grid
  • To buy, use one for each area/store
  • Notes, 5 mm ruled
  • Week, calendar card
  • Misc, blank card

Advantages of using Zipster include:

  • Zipster stands upright on a desk, and you always have one card ready visible.
  • When closed it protects the cards, but the topmost is still visible through the case.

Zipster – A Hipster clone & Template download – [Mekkaniak via Make: Blog]
Original blog post on Zipster, my Hipster PDA – [Sanctum mekkanicum]
Excellent Hipster PDA setup – Calendar mode
D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition

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