Joel A. Farrell from IBM has a great article on wiki can be an useful tool for groups to get work done faster. He describes the differences between document management system, and editable wiki how those works within the enterprise settings:

…Wikis are simple, both to use and to set up. The original goal was to make the creation of Web pages significantly easier than coding HTML. But, wikis are also simpler to set up and use than typical document management systems. This simplicity contributes to another success factor, the speed with which content can be created. Publish quickly and correct quickly is the mode of operation.

The open, egalitarian nature of wiki collaboration fosters a sense of empowerment among its contributors. People find that they can have an immediate effect on the collective work product. Since version history is kept for each page, each person’s contributions can be identified, contributing to a sense of ownership. This revision history is very easy to access, so is a fairly prominent part of the site. It is also the key to rolling back inappropriate or damaging updates and enabling editorial oversight…

Wikis, blogs and other community tools in the enterprise – [IBM developerWorks]

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