NewsNiche has posted a article about his take on “RSS is more effective than email”.

That article is more into webmaster point of view, but in this post I want to add in a readers’ prespective – What are the benefits for subscribing RSS instead of email newsletter?

  • Protection: Anonymity on your identity (as NewsNiche mentioned).
  • Categorization: Feeds are usually already categorized. For instance if you are subscribing’s feed, you know the posts will be related to lifehacks and productivity. It saves you time to filter through with different topics.
  • Separation from one way communication (what you read) to two ways communication (real emails). Together with feed readers tool like web based or application based, you can read when you needed without interfere with emails that you really need to attend.
  • Organization: One feed is usually seen as one page in feed readers, other than email may clutter into several email.
  • Swiftness: For RSS feed, once I hit submit on this post, you are immediately able to see the post when you re-update the feed. This is much faster way to deliver and read news and article compared to email newsletter that you may need to wait for one day or even one week.

Are there any more advantages on RSS feed vs email newsletter and comments?

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