Most of the Entrepreneurship articles focus on why you should start up your own business. This article Why I Quit Entrepreneurship and Got a Real Job by Rob takes a different spins. He talks about why he left entrepreneurship and re-joined the corporate world again. He discusses what have he learned – in summary: Entrepreneurship is difficult. Here are some of the main points he mentions:

  • Money Matters
  • Nobody cares that you are smart or knowledgeable (and you need to know if you really are)
  • Think about the intangibles
  • Short-term thinking can kill your company
  • Don’t max out your credit cards
  • Know how you make money
  • Your estimates are wrong
  • You aren’t your own boss
  • Industry contacts are important
  • You don’t have any free time
  • Attack everything with enthusiasm
  • Acknowledge your mistakes
  • Keep your integrity
  • Deal with the possible consequences

From his real experience and perspective – those are good advises that resolve some of the misconception on entrepreneurship.

Why I Quit Entrepreneurship and Got a Real Job – [Business Pundit]

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