Some regular readers may know this answer straight from their head – but for any newcomers — Why do you want to move on from your electronic based PDA to a paper-based organizer? Should you give up the technology and use pen and paper to organize your life? For anyone who has doubts, over at Guardian Unlimited Network, I have written an introduction on why you want to use a paper-based organizer:

I remember a time when the personal digital assistant (PDA) was far from being a must-have item for the super-organised. People used to keep a small notepad or calendar in their pockets. Things were very simple. But as technology has advanced, more and more of us have moved to computer-based personal information managers, lured by the promise that once you move to a paperless way of organising things, your life can become easier – and much more organised…

What is your experience on both PDA and paper-based organizer (Hipster PDA)? Which one do you prefer?

Who needs a PDA when I’ve got paper? – [Guardian Unlimited]

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