What's your agenda?


Fast Thinker Jeffrey went on and talk about the idea on having an agenda on a meeting. Meeting can be a time waster if it is not productive or it does not have a ‘theme’. How does agenda able to help this issue?

… So, in one sense an “agenda” can be a set of stated or unstated outcomes or goals for a meeting. If we are all in the meeting to get the “best” decision we can or obtain the best information we can, why not state our biases up front? Let’s find a way to communicate what we think right at the outset, and determine if people are willing to change their minds. I’ve worked for firms where people wore their Myers=Briggs “types” on their name badges so others could understand how to interact with them better. Why not have everyone respond to the meeting request with their opinions or position? …

In the other word, to be productive, you need to have at least one objective for the meeting. Read Jeffrey’s article, it has some other good advises.

What’s your agenda? – [Thinking Faster]

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