We Ask, You Answer: What Do You Want to Know?

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I’ll be returning to the “We Ask, You Answer” series sometime in the near future; my schedule just got too complex to keep up with them, and rather than do a shoddy job for the sake of just doing it, I decided to suspend the series until I could give it more of my attention.

However, I need your assistance! This Thursday (April 24, 2008), I’m recording a special “Question and Answer” version of Lifehack Live. Rather than interview a guest, I thought it would be fun to answer Lifehack readers questions, both previously sent in and live on the air.

So this week’s “We Ask, You Answer” question is:

  • What are your questions? What do you struggle with, what hacks are you looking for, what do you wish you could figure out?

You can drop your questions into the comments on this post, or call in live, Thursday morning at 10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time, at (347) 838-8244. I’m hoping to have some fun with this — even at the risk of creating a complete disaster. We’ll see…

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