Ways of Getting Off the Phone


A lifehack for fun only – There is a site dedicated to help you getting off the phone. If you are positive that you need to end the call – simply download a wave sound file from the site, play it, state your excuse and get off from the phone! Some excuses such as: “Someone’s at the door”, “There’s another call”, “My ride is here (honking horn)”, “There is a fire drill”, “I can’t hear you (jet noise)”, “There’s my cell phone” etc. There are some lame excuses as well, like “Something’s wrong with my computer”, or “This fly is bothering me” is the strange one – pretty entertaining to hear it and think about if you really can do this without getting busted by the other side.

When You Absolutely, Positively Have to Get Off the Phone. Helps End Unending Phone Conversations – [Sorry Gotta Go]

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