Visual Simplicity Presentation - An example from Steve Jobs


Good Stuff. Over at Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds narrowed some samples from Steve Jobs’ presentation in Apple event at San Francisco’s Moscone West this month. In addition to listen to his presentation, Garr also observed some examples from Steve’s interaction to the audience and how he used his presentation slides:

… Latest quarter fades to darker green as “6.2M” also fades in as Steve states that over six million have been sold in just the last quarter alone. Green, by the way, is a good color choice for showing sales growth as green connotates many positives such as growth, safety, money, harmony, and so on.

But is sales of 6.2 million good or bad? How does that stack up? To give the number perspective, Steve compares the “6M” to another popular device, the SONY PSP which sold “2M” in the same time frame…

Visual simplicity: Steve Jobs does it again – [Presentation Zen]

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