Using Gmail to find information in RSS feeds


Scott Villarosa has a good idea on how to use Gmail’s search function to find downloads in BitTorrent easily. By using RSS-to-email service such as RssFwd, you can subscribe to feeds from BitTorrent sites and send it to your gmail account. Setup filters for those incoming RSS feeds and labelling it appropriately. When you want to find something, just go and search it in the gmail search box – the powerful search will do the rest:

Microsoft’s Outlook 2003 gives users the ability to use Search Folders. Essentially this feature allows users to scan their incoming email using specific criteria they provide. Simply a handy feature without question. I thought I’d borrow from this idea, though, and hook up Gmail to filter out some specific downloads I regularly track on various BitTorrent websites…

This isn’t only applying to BitTorrent, but the same idea can able to organize and search information in any RSS feeds.

Using Gmail to find downloads on BitTorrent – [Scott Villarosa’s Blog]

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