Kathleen Nadeau at ADD Resources has posted a good article on organisation and how to use a day planner. This is pretty general article which suitable not only ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but also general population. It talks about:

  • Learn to Have It With You at ALL Times.
  • Write EVERYTHING in Your Day Planner.
  • Learn the Difference Between a “To-Do” List and a Daily Action Plan
  • Learn to Become a Better Time Estimator
  • Learn to Plan for Contingencies
  • Learn to Resist Impulses and Distractions
  • Don’t Overplan
  • Don’t Make Your Daily Action Plan a Rigid Taskmaster
  • Make Sure Your Daily Action List Is in Line With Your True Goals and Values.

General rule of thumb of planning your day is to plan 65% of your workable time only. This will ensure should any urgent and important tasks appear anytime, you can still able to have 35% time to attend those tasks.

Using a Day Planner as a Life Planner – [ADD Resources]

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