Use Time and Compound Interest to Grow in Personal Effectiveness


Bert Webb from Open Loops talks about increasing productivity and self-improvement may take time. There aren’t any instant self-development, or “double your productivity overnight”. He uses an analogy – you couldn’t expect to double your money tomorrow, by putting money in saving account today:

… As we try to develop ourselves and improve our productivity, we also need to focus on small, consistent improvements. These small daily improvements are the equivalent to interest that accrues to a savings account. These improvements build on our base skills and knowledge and become the new foundation upon which future skills, philosophies, and knowledge is built. Day after day, our foundation becomes stronger and stronger. Like the savings account, personal growth is slow at first, but increases in speed as apply time. The constants in these examples are time and consistent application of the methodology. Allow yourself enough time to improve as you consistently apply the GTD methodology. In time, you can become a productivity millionaire, where your “currency” is measured, not in dollars, pounds, or euros, but in effectiveness…

Not to hard sale, but this is exactly why coming to daily is important to earn your interests on your productivity. :)

Use Time and Compound Interest to Grow in Personal Effectiveness – [Open Loops]

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