In office life, there’s the constant thrum of someone raising money through selling cookies, or collecting a few dollars for a baby shower, or a few more for someone’s 10 year anniversary at the company. It’s easy to give and receive money for these because you’re all in the same place. Sunil comes over and collects a few Euros, and then goes to see Ramesh and Shashi. Soon, the task is complete.

But what about situations where you’re not all in the same place? What about circumstances where the money to be collected is for a cause. Maybe you need a better, more targeted tip jar.

ChipIn seems to fit the bill (pun intended). Here are some of its uses, according to the site. Use ChipIn to pay for:

  • birthday gifts
  • family reunions
  • luaus
  • travel gifts
  • anniversary gifts
  • bill splitting
  • group travel
  • housewarmings
  • sharing rent
  • anniversary presents
  • office parties
  • class reunions

The new service is designed to be useful to bloggers (who need money, it seems?). It works with all the big name blog services and looks pretty easy to install.

Now, all you need is a good cause that requires collection of money. You guys want to pitch in and buy me a MacBook Pro? Hello? Is this thing on?

ChipIn – Many People, One Purpose (found via Beth’s Blog)

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