USB Email Client: Mobility Email


Here is the portable email client based on Mozilla Thunderbird. Bring it along with your USB Stick or any portable drives (like iPod Shuffle etc) and you can take all of your contacts and emails with you. It is only available in Windows – How about a Linux or Mac version, please?

Do you use email?
Mobility Email is a powerful new way to use email. At the core of Mobility Email is Mozilla Thunderbird, the popular open source email client. It’s loaded with extensions to provide OpenPGP encryption and signing, access to Hotmail, Yahoo!, Lycos and MailDotCom email accounts, and a simple way to quickly access your contacts.

Do you go places?
The best thing about Mobility Email is that you can take it anywhere with you on an iPod Shuffle (or any other USB device). Simply plug your USB key into any Windows computer in the world and you can start Mobility Email. With no installing or configuration you can use all your email and all your contacts.

Mobility Email – Your Email. Everywhere. – [ Mobility Email via Happy Mobile]

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