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Ultimate Pocket Notebook

The Geek Home has a page with full description on his Hipster PDA. He called it the Ultimate Pocket Notebook. He is proud of bringing this with him everywhere and organizes the stack of index cards by punching a hole in one corner and using a binder ring to hold them together. In additional to the traditional way of making the hipster PDA, he has made more modification and enhancement to his setup. Some highlights on his additional enhancements are: adding Tape Dispenser, Ruler, Pockets, Sticky notes, storing reference materials etc. Frankly he is pretty full-on with his system:

Ultimate Pocket Notebook

… Tape Dispenser: An additional section of the plastic can be cut to hold sticky tape. You can use precut lengths or even wrap a long length around a few times. There would be enough room to hold far more tape than you would likely need. You could probably add different kinds of tape if you wanted. Personally, I would use bandage tape or drafting tape, but not regular cellophane tape. You could use either cover to hold tape instead of cuttiing a dedicated piece if you want to conserve size and weight. In my case I wanted to have both covers totally clear for reading.

Ruler: There are options for printing ruler images onto cards. I don’t like the potential for innacuracy involved with reproducing a scale but if it is close enough for you then go for it. I have access to Incra Rulers so I can just use the holes to mark out the scale I need. I can use card or I can use a section of plastic, possibly even one of the covers…

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