Two how-tos on Basecamp and GTD


Getting Things Done (GTD) method and Basecamp, do they mix together?

Some say no, but these two guys say yes.

Glen at LifeDev and Patrick at his personal blog create a how-tos on using basecamp for GTD. They describe ways to setup basecamp to plugin the contexts, tickler files and projects. Creativity is needed for things like context where you need to use “project” (suggested by Glen), or “people” (suggested by Patrick) in Basecamp to use as a context:

Because I only use Basecamp for my web development projects, the context is always the same. But if you’re going to use it for organizing the rest of your life’s contexts, I have 3 solutions.

1. Just add the context in front of the list name. It’s so simple. For people you need to call, add “Phone:” and then your list name (or for proper GTD syntax, “@PHone:”). Then list the calls you need to make.

2. Upgrade your account. With the free account, you only get one project to work with. So if you bumped up to the Basic account, you could have each one of your contexts as a project.

— Glen’s style.

I am sure you also notice in the picture above that I have set contexts for items in bold. I also bet you are wondering how that was achieved. Here is how…

People. That’s right – People.

Basecamp allows one to add people to a project and assign To-Do list items to those people responsible for them. Therefore, I thought, if people were actually contexts, then you could just as easily make the person’s name the context you want, give them an e-mail address (I just used the dummy Gmail account I have for such nonsense purposes), an equally nonsense password, and… um… tada! You have contexts which you can assign to those list items.


— Patrick’s style.

How I Mix Basecamp and GTD – [LifeDev]
Basecamp: New GTD Implementation Ideas – [Patrick Rhone]

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