Remember when we want to tweak firefox settings, we have to go through the about:config manually to add parameters? There is a easier way now. Fasterfox is a performance and network tweaks extension for Firefox which allow you tweak many settings within Firefox – such as modifying all those settings for prefetch links and network settings. In addition, there is a built in popup blockers and page load timer to calculate your modified settings. Here are the description for its features:

  • Prefetch Links: Dynamic speed increases can be obtained with Firefox’s unique prefetching mechanism, which recycles idle bandwidth by silently loading and caching all of the links on the page you are browsing.
  • Tweak Network: Fasterfox allows you to tweak many network and rendering settings such as simultaneous connections, pipelining, cache, DNS cache, and initial paint delay.
  • Block Popups: A popup blocker for popups initiated by Flash plug-ins is also included.
  • Page Load Timer: A millisecond accurate page load timer tests the effectiveness of your settings.

Fasterfox – performance and network tweaks for Firefox – []

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