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Trick on Amazon’s Price Drop Policy

Jim at Blueprint shared his tips on Amazon’s price drop policy – If you have bought something and found out the price drops, you can ask for a credit of the difference within 30 days of your purchase. The little Amazon hack behind that is that you can still utilize the refund even have you have applied coupon or “Buy Both and Save” deal. Here is the example:

… Where this because beautiful, and I hope they haven’t changed, is when coupons are taken into account. If let’s say you purchase two Le Creuset pots that were $125 as a Buy Both and Save deal. Technically each pot costs a certain price if they were purchased individually (say, each are $99.99 which is not uncommon). You purchase them for a combined special price of $125, apply a $25 Kitchen and Houseware’s coupon, and have three hundred pounds of pot (ha, that sounds funny) shipped to you for $100 even. Now you find out each of the pots have dropped in price to $79.99 – simply request a refund and it will be granted, without any consideration to the Buy Both and Save Deal or the coupon!…

Amazon’s Price Drop Policy

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