Top Ten Tax Breaks

tax return hell

Tax time, does anyone look forward to it? Maybe you would if you knew about all the tax breaks you can catch. CNNMoney ran down ten goodies you shouldn’t miss out on, including a few that are brand spanking new!

You can take a 30 percent credit up to $2,000 for the cost of solar water heating or photovoltaic equipment in your home. You can get a 10 percent credit up to $500 for insulation and heat-reducing metal roofs, and up to $200 for energy-efficient windows. Labor costs, though, don’t count.

Among the miscellaneous deductions you may be eligible to take:

  • Travel costs for job interviews: If you interview for a job in your field, you may deduct the costs of transportation, food and lodging.
  • Phone use: You may deduct business calls made on a personal cell phone and work-related long-distance calls made on your home phone.
  • Subscriptions for work-related publications
  • Dues for professional association memberships

10 don’t-miss tax breaks – [CNNMoney]

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