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Top Ten Sneaky Retail Sales Tricks

The retail market is competitive and, at times, deceptive. I’ve worked as a salesperson, and this list of tricks that are used to get you, the customer, to buy are pretty spot on. Generally these are only retail helpers to make it easier to sell, since people hate being sold to. However, many salespeople are quite vindictive in their approach, so don’t fall for the tricks!

10. The “Turn Over” Maneuver – Known on the inside as a “T.O.” or “handoff”, it’s the last ditch attempt to turn a shopper into a buyer by turning you over to someone in higher authority. This person is usually identified as the “store manager”, or “sales manager”, but that may just be a euphemism for a very strong “closer”. Many stores REQUIRE their salespeople to do a “T.O.” if they fail to close the sale. So after trying every close they know, before you leave they may say something like: “Hold on, let me get the store manager to see if we can get you a better deal.” You may be able to negotiate a better price with the “T.O.” man, but it’s more likely that you’ll be subjected to additional pressure to buy right then. When you see the “T.O.” coming, it’s pretty strong evidence that the store’s focus is on selling you, rather than helping you. Caveat Emptor. Latin for “Let the buyer beware.”

That said, you’re not helpless against salespeople, just keep in mind the tricks. And after all, they are people too.

Top Ten Retail Ripoffs Exposed!! – [TrampolineSales]

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