Top 10 Tips for Growing Old Slowly and Gracefully


Good health leads to quality life. Growing old is normal, but reduce the speed of aging is a good thing to do. Brad Bahr has listed his top 10 tips which can keep one young. He talks about topics like smoking, exercise, meal intakes and tips related to pets and plants:


5. Get a pet. Pet owners tend to visit the doctor less, survive longer even after a heart attack, and suffer less from depression and high blood pressure.

9. Live around plants. Having a garden or greenhouse to grow plants in is a wonderful way to decrease stress or recuperate from illness. Just being able to see plants in a room or through windows has been proven to be beneficial to bed-ridden patients.

Some support data would be interesting to see for the #5 tip.

Top 10 Tips for Growing Old Slowly and Gracefully – [HGH Anti-Aging Blog]

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