Top 10 things to do for mom's PC over Thanksgiving


Other than sending flowers to thank your mum in Thanksgiving, Nitin Badjatia over Download Squad has another idea – how about thanks your mother by fixing her computer? Nitin gives 10 different ways on improving your mum’s PC, some interesting ones like:

When was the last time your mom did a full backup of her computer files? When was the last time you backed up your computer (sorry, had to ask)? Do your mom a favor and make at least two backup copies of her most precious files. Keep one backup for your records, and have your mom store another copy in a safe place. You might want to take a look at NTI Shadow 2 (on sale for 99 cents until the end of the year) as a backup utility, if mom’s computer lacks one.

While we’re thinking of hardware upgrades, why not get your mom some real speakers to replace those tiny, screeching ones that came with the computer? Your mom deserves better sound quality when she listens to music, right?

Top 10 things to do for mom’s PC over Thanksgiving – [Download Squad]

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