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Top 10 Signs You're Made to be an Entrepreneur

Wonder if you can be an entrepreneur? Or you should stay in your job? Fred Gratzon has complied a list of personality traits that may suitable for entrepreneurship. I had fun reading it, yet some of them are smart and well thought:

7. You are always looking for and/or seeing economic opportunity everywhere and in everything. While at a concert, you occupy yourself by estimating the evening’s take and its gross margins instead of listening to the music.

6. You spend more time and energy looking for easier, faster, cheaper, more effective ways of accomplishing something than if you just did the task outright.

5. You would enthusiastically trade a life-time pass to Disneyland for one ride in the Vomit Comet. In other words, you would give up a secure, even-keeled, bland existence for a life that whipsaws uncontrollably between exhilaration and terror.

Top 10 Signs You’re Made to be an Entrepreneur – [The Lazy Way to Success]

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