Paul Stamatiou and Charles Stroup gathered a list of 10 applications every new Mac user should download. Those probably are the essential apps that you will need sooner or later. I have checked the list and they are pretty sane in term of functionalities coverage. I think there are two applications that can be optional for some new Mac users: Cyberduck (FTP client) and Nvu (HTML editor):

  1. AdiumX – Instant messaging
  2. Cyberduck – FTP Client
  3. Firefox – Web Browser
  4. iBackup – Backup Solution
  5. Nvu – Web Authoring App
  6. Quicksilver – Launcher Utility
  7. StuffIt Expander – Compression Utility
  8. TextWrangler – Text Editor
  9. VLC – Multimedia Player
  10. Windows Media Player – Multimedia Player

10 Apps Every New Mac User Should Download – []

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