Tips on Maintaining Motivation


Jason Santa Maria wrote a good article on how to maintain motivation, which based on his experience. He has been solo and work from home for a while, and this is one of the few environments that hard to get motiviated. You do not have team members to encourage you, and you definitely do not have a boss to stand at your back.

Jason found out there are couple of things that can motivate him on getting things done: Excerise, Stay Organized, Set goals, Create private time slot, Keep busy, and “walk away”.

I especially like the “Walk away” tips:

… When a design problem has really got me hung up, the best thing to do is to get my mind off it, at least my conscious mind that is. I go escape into something else; and by the time I get back to work, the problem has incubated in my subconscious long enough that I probably have a solution or at least a game plan. …

Sometimes if you are blocked, it will be demotivated and discouraged yourself to continue and keep hitting the brick wall. Sometimes pausing make your brain reset your ideas and able to have new stuff when you get back to it. As long as you are systematically create this process and come back in a fixed amount of time (One may do 2 hours of some other projects and come back to the orginial project), then you won’t create a habit of procrastination. Comments?

Maintaining Motivation – [Jason Santa Maria]

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