Tips: How to Convert VHS to DVD


DVD is a good media to preverse your moments on video. However sometimes your home videos maybe in VHS tapes because you are using camcorder or some other reasons. Here are some tips and how to convert the VHS to DVD, and also preserve its quality:

… If you transfer two hours of VHS to a DVD it can result in a significant loss of quality unless you have a high quality MPEG-2 encoder or use methods that encode the video at “half resolution.” The normal DVD video resolution is 720×480 for NTSC, but some encoders and DVD authoring programs allow you to use 352×480 resolution. When you convert VHS to DVD this smaller resolution can still deliver very good results at the low data rates (bitrates) required to fit two or more hours of video on one DVD, especially if you use an analog-to-MPEG2 encoder or a standalone VHS to DVD recorder that bypasses the analog-to-DV step…

How to Convert VHS to DVD – [SignVideo]

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