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Time Management for Managers

On top of people and project management – Crisis, small tasks, baby-sitting and resolving third party conflicts. All those extra responsibilities require extra time. Any solution – manage your time.

Matt Krumrie introduces Tom Gegax’s time-management principles which suitable to managers .

Gegax bases his time-management principles on the “six D’s”: don’t do it, delay it, deflect it, delegate it, do it imperfectly and do it.

“When something pops ups, rather than robotically just doing it, I start with the first option,” Gegax says. “If that doesn’t apply, I move on to the second. I keep cruising down the list until I reach the appropriate action.”

For instance, many seemingly urgent tasks disappear if you don’t do them or delay them, he says, leaving you more time and energy to focus on the tasks that matter.

And while some flare-ups need immediate attention, your involvement isn’t always required. Carefully consider whether to deflect the situation to another department or delegate it to a subordinate, Gegax advises.

Matt also shares Laura Stack’s caution on multitasking, especially managers who has many tasks at hand, which may prevent you to get things completed.

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