Think Better with Chewing Gum?


Ricky Spears from Ricky’s RAM dump citied an article which described that “Research has shown that chewing does indeed increase our ability to concentrate and to retain what we’ve learned. In fact, studies indicate that, for both kids and adults, mental tasks are completed up to 20% more effectively when we chew gum.”

It made sense. I get a lot of my best ideas when I’m in the shower, mowing, or doing some other activity where my body is actively engaged but my mind doesn’t have to think much about what it is doing. It is like my body is mostly on auto-pilot so my mind is free to do what it wants to do, which is to be creative. Chewing gum is a mindless physical activity like the aforementioned activities except that we can do it while sitting at the computer or while engaged in some other activity in which we need extra mindfulness.

Think Better with Chewing Gum – [Ricky’s RAM Dump]
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