The Most Valuable 10% Of Your Job Description


I surfed in the blog, and found out Tim Milburn has a good post a while ago on personal development in the job. Tim challenages organizations should spend percentage of their work developing their own skills and personal growth:

… Oftentimes, companies want and expect the most amount of work from the least amount of investment in their people. That’s poor stewardship, poor leadership, and ultimately poor business.

Do you control your own job description? Does it include opportunity and time to invest in your greatest asset…YOU? Stephen Covey calls it “sharpening the saw.” But it’s more than a personal habit that results in a personal victory. It can and should become a corporate habit that leads to a corporate victory. …

This is excellent. In interviews, the most freqently asked question for me is “What sort of training will I get?”. I am sure this is what candidates care about. If this dedicated time of personal development are mentioned in the job description – The potential of increasing pool of good candidates will be increased by several folds.

The Most Valuable 10% Of Your Job Description – []

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