The Moleskine Social Network


You have at least one Moleskine sitting around, don’t you? Aren’t they built right into the action figure kits these days? Sacha Chua uses hers to keep track of people and conversations she encouters during a given day. It’s fascinating.

I’m somewhat notorious for writing notes during conversations. I keep ‘minutes’ in a little black book that I always carry with me. I can’t help it! I love learning from people, and I don’t trust my memory. I want to be able to get back in touch with people so that I can continue interesting conversations, and I want to be able to introduce people to other interesting people so that I can listen in on _their_ conversations and learn even more.

Sacha goes into great detail with methods and how-to instructions. If you’re having a lot of important conversations, give this a try.

Networking with Moleskines – [via /Message]

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