Last Friday, Chris called for any good lifehack resources and add them to Listible‘s The Life Hack Community list. What a great idea. I’ve blogged about useful lifehack articles and posts for over a year now, but I always wondered what blogs and resource hub do you like that we may not know. More importantly, your voice and experience on your life (i.e. your blog) – how productivity and lifehack tips helped you.

Look like we are on the right track. I’ve checked the list out, and currently the number hits 26 resources:

Do you want to add this list directly to your site or blog (yup, even wordpress) – You can use this javascript snippet:

In the meanwhile, share your lifehack blogs and resources to the list. Leave software and tools for now – we may want to create another list for it. I know we can pump the number up. Once we have a good number, I may consider to put this list somewhere permanently.

Original Post: Assemble the Life Hacking Community

Assemble the Life Hacking Community – [Listible]

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