The interrupt driven lifestyle


Without concentration, you may not be efficient with the task on hand. And most of the time, the lack of concentration is because there are interruptions from different sources around you – like instant messenger and mobile etc. Babak Farrokhi over at Geek Style has given some suggestions on killing the interruptions around us. Stuff that you can do to remove computer and electronic interruptions, for instance:

… This solution worked almost fine for me, but the right solution for you would vary depending on your job type, position and attitude. I simply suggest removing all time-killers from your work computer. I have removed all instant messengers, games, video clips, … from my laptop. However I have all sort of entertaining stuff on my home computer. I also do not open my Microsoft Outlook unless it is necessary. I removed the reduced the phone ring tones and silented my cell phone at work.

The alternative solution would be different logins on the same computer for different sort of things. For example a ‘work’ login and a ‘personal’ login. And you should limit your work desktop…

The interrupt driven lifestyle – [Geek Style]

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