The posting about Hipster PDA seems far less than last year, but I am able to find another cool implmentation on this index card todo list system. David Kadavy has came up a variation on combining his key chain with the hipster PDA.

Hipster PDA Key Chain

Key chain suits this hipster PDA well as you always need to carry around your key – you wouldn’t forget to bring your todo list:

… Now when I have a thought, I can jot it down on one of the cards and be on my way, then I can sort out the cards and assign them to my BaseCamp todo lists when I get back to home base. For very large projects that are just a collection of ideas, I can just sort the appropriate cards to project-dedicated Hipster PDA Keychain, which despite the name, is still handy to have at one’s desk…

The Hipster PDA Keychain – []

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