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Mekkaniak at Lifehack.Community has introduced a free online book called Hacker’s Diet. The introduction of the book speaks for itself:

The Hacker’s Diet, notwithstanding its silly subtitle, is a serious book about how to lose weight and permanently maintain whatever weight you desire. It treats dieting and weight control from an engineering and management standpoint, and provides the tools and an understanding of why they work and how to use them that permit the reader to gain control of their own weight. The book is intended primarily for busy, successful engineers, programmers, and managers who have struggled unsuccessfully in the past to lose weight and avoid re-gaining it. Computer-based tools and experiments in Microsoft Excel or the Palm Computing Platform are available, but a computer is not necessary to use the techniques described in the book; paper and pencil alternatives are provided…

Mekkaniak testified it works for him. Discussions are welcome if you have experience or feedback after go through the book.

The Hacker’s Diet: How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition – [Mekkaniak @ Lifehack.Community]

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