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The connection between GTD and Tai Chi

Over What’s the next action, there is an interesting article on talking about an analogy between GTD and Tai Chi. The form in Tai Chi is similar to the tools like PDA, moleskine etc in GTD – they are important, but if you have never learned the principle, the 5 stage of productivity and mindset in GTD, you never can fully master it. This is quite true and similar when Tai Chi is “Even when you master the form to perfection, when you do not adhere to the principle, you will not have true Tai Chi”:

… Well, think of the principle as the theory, the rules, the 5 stages of productivity, the mindset. Think of the form of Tai Chi as the tools, the software, the Hipster PDA etc. You can have all the software, you can have your PDA, your Moleskine, your Backpack-account and your Outlook Add-in. But when you do not fully understand the principles and how they apply to your situation, you’re toast! Simply put, you can’t get a management summary of GTD. You can check the 5 steps, but when you do not see the internal relationships, when you don’t understand the underlying principles of the how and why of these steps, you will never fully master it…

The connection between GTD and Tai Chi – [What’s the next action]

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