The best places to buy stuff


US only: At thanksgiving holidays season, has gathered some great places to buy stuff from their readers through their annual questionnaire. There are couple recommended stores to choose from, for home electronics, computers, small applicances, bargain items, and books:

Readers who bought electronics products online were happier than those who bought at stores. That was the case for every product category we have data about. It proved especially true for digital cameras, audio gear, camcorders, DVD players, and digital video recorders. The top overall e-tailer was Crutchfield, closely followed by,, Amazon,, and Among the brick-and-mortar stores, readers gave the nod to locally run independents, but also praised Costco, Ritz Camera, Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics, and H.H. Gregg…

The best places to buy stuff – [ConsumerReports]

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