The Art of The Finish


D. Keith Robinson, a talented blogger and designer, finds that finishing a project may be tougher than starting. There are so many things that may distract you to finish a task that you’ve already started. Without completing the task – starting on it seems useless. He suggests 12 was to increase your chances on completing your tasks:

  • Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish
  • Know The Goal At All Times
  • Know Your Role At All Times
  • Leadership and Control
  • Prioritize
  • Tackle The Small Stuff First
  • Constant Communication
  • Find Time To Work and Eliminate Distraction
  • Chip Away
  • Don’t Get Hung Up On Mistakes
  • Perfect Is The Enemy of The Done
  • Know When To Quit

The Art of The Finish – [Blue Flavor]

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