Mike (M-E-L) posted a very good article on his development from anxiety on doing stuff, to getting things done without all these feeling after reading Getting Things Done:

Getting things done WIP MEL

… I’m skeptical about the ability of any system to help me fix this. Even the basics — make to do lists, break down projects into smaller pieces, prioritize, delegate — are things that I know how to do, and know I should do, but I can’t actually bring myself to do. And yes, I know, I’ve managed to get a couple of Ivy League degrees, have a family, a moderately successful career, and of course a blog, so how bad could it be, right? Well, sometimes it can be pretty bad. It’s not that I want to be 100% productive. I just want to get things done without so much angst, anxiety, and adrenalin involved.

So it may surprise you — it certainly surprised me — to learn that I bought an actual self-help book …

The Anxiety of Getting Things Done – [Ishbadiddle]

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